Thursday, June 10, 2010

'I wont forget today'

How often have you said "I will never forget this day, it was the most amazing day ever"
Then after few months, or a year, you have another experience, that you think you wont forget for a lifetime.
You meet newer people, more interesting than the last, Have a lot more to drink and sustain, you go places, pieces fit togther to make it possible, do something you have never done before, drive around town at 4 am, sleep in a sleeping bag, walk around in thick fog, chat with complete strangers on the side walk, witness an accident, you stay up all night singing to welcome the sunrise at 7 am because its winter..
Another day comes and you do entirely different things...

Days will come and go and you will find yourself saying again "I wont forget today"

1 comment:

  1. its nt the events tht define u're statement. bt the person(S) wid u.
    i've always had one very important person wid me, when i've said "i will never forget this day"