Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Words Stay Longer

At my desk on a newsy tuesday
I look out for a glimpse of quiet
the rays of the sun give way
a surprise rain patters
dampens the window pane
raises my spirit

Still typing away
I want to step out
I imagine people, on the roads
some shielding themselves
some welcoming
the piercing cold drops

But I can only stare
at the window
It is now hazy
Droplets devour it in a lovers' embrace

I can feel them on me
I sit and dream
recreate memory
words hidden in the sound
of the slashing rain

Scenes travel fast
some stay
But the words stay longer
like the smell
of freshly quenched soil,
like the calm chaos
after the storm
like the brown leaves
broken, scattered about

words stay longer...
like the rain
one now with the soil
immersed deep
stay plunged
into the heart's matter

Friday, July 8, 2011


a land a space
where bizzare is routine
routine is offensive
you either have extraordinary powers
or are being chased by a monster

It is closet of red fears
and purple affection

A place of black seas
milky mountains
chocolate rivers
pancake roads
of moonlight glow and twilight calm
morning chaos and afternoon bliss
evening red sun, and the night white moon

A land of overflowing desires
and of memories changed

Distorted relationships

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have always loved the sea. It's only natural that i do, I have lived beside it for 20 years.

I also remember the time I was a liitle girl and scared by the huge waves, scared they would swallow me. I would run as far away as I could from them. As the years passed the sea was still mighty, but my perception of it changed.
I learned to love it for the very characteristics that scared me.
 There is a certain hidden calm in the waves thrashing on the rocks. They ebb, rising again to corrode the sand, to slowly continue its work on the rock creating moist life, shaping it. The waves rising washing away details.

Mother nature has given us another phenomenon the majestic mountains. I saw them only when I turned 23. When I looked at snow near my feet and then the snow on the peaks it brought shivers down my spine.
It was at an altitude I cannot even fathom, covered in snow, white as a sheet. The afternoon sun glistened on it, reflecting on the snow, shining in my eyes. But then it sparks warmth within me a cooler calmness.

Night descends quicker in the mountains, I realised. In a pitch dark atmosphere, only the sound of a stream below was heard. Otherwise, it was miles of quiet.

When the moon rises the sea is voluminous, consuming. Loud and high the waves beckon. There is chaos.

The sea with its friction breathes into me conflict. The mind and heart quarreling, then reaching stillness.

The majestic mountain, panic it brings. Pitch black silence and the sweet flowing stream sooth me.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sea and its secrets

The vast sea
and the immense secrets it holds

the waves consume
all what is fed

darkest thoughts
feeble sandcastles
names of sceret lovers
old memories written and photographed
words spoken, unspoken

The sand by the sea
a slate
every footprint
every toy
every name
every sandcastle

The sea a duster
with a swish of waves
takes them in

Relative Awkwardness

After a long day at work, I decided to take the bus home. It toook me 20 lazy minutes to get to my bus stop. Walking back home, simultaneously observing passers by.

Strangely this part of town, that I have recently moved into, has a host of ethnic groups inhabiting the place. So it is not a surprise to find coloured people around.

Today on the sidewalk a chinese couple, and what seemed like an African gay couple crossed each others path. Each couple looking at the other in "awk". "What are they wearing" must have been the general feeling.

To me each couple was eqaully wierd. One tiny,colourful,flowy and yellow. One loose,dreadlocky,junkie and brown.

To them either was odd and awkward. To me both of them were awkwardly dreesed. Relative awkwardness?