Thursday, September 16, 2010

City Lights

City Lights
Look up at me
in patterns of surprising beauty
in happiness
and sadness

The vastness of the city
subtracted as I fly by
shapes moving in a single file
one end to another
streams of criss crossing lights

Colours,shapes,constellations, below
from my little window
I cant help
but look
to dream
to experience
the intricate possibilities

Different cities
Different lives
their golden lights
and the emanating glow

Saturday, August 14, 2010


The Rain it comes down
with a fury within
a rage
to envelope
to encircle

the earth with green brightness
to quench
the brown rust
of its thirst
but in a rush
tear drops
unfurl, slide down
the dark robes
of the witch

reach the roots
creep up the trunk
and to the branches
the leaves,
now green, quiver
quarrle, squabble
incite more rage

the witch from above
lashes out
weeps again.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hot pink
and chilled liquid
moulded, shaped in a
glistening crooked glass

the sight of it
oh so soothing
the smell of it calming
dont need to sip it
already hallucinating

then you do
and its sting takes you
to a place
that place you
want to stay
that place you have built

twirl the glass
your emotions a whirlpool
swim, try and escape

sip again
stung again
another whirlpool

try swimming out
until you drown

Thursday, June 10, 2010

'I wont forget today'

How often have you said "I will never forget this day, it was the most amazing day ever"
Then after few months, or a year, you have another experience, that you think you wont forget for a lifetime.
You meet newer people, more interesting than the last, Have a lot more to drink and sustain, you go places, pieces fit togther to make it possible, do something you have never done before, drive around town at 4 am, sleep in a sleeping bag, walk around in thick fog, chat with complete strangers on the side walk, witness an accident, you stay up all night singing to welcome the sunrise at 7 am because its winter..
Another day comes and you do entirely different things...

Days will come and go and you will find yourself saying again "I wont forget today"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The twinkle in your eyes
reminds me, of the time
the nights when we were one

In the glow of the moonlight
On your face and mine
and on our glorious intertwined selves
In it we shivered
and nestled

Sunday, June 6, 2010

More than Chemicals

You and I are more than chemicals...
We are thinking beings,
actions stimulated by testesterone
and harmoned by oxitocin

hormones to make love
hormones to make you want to cuddle
hormones to attract

But is that it?
hormones make us do what we do?
does it make us fall in love
and fall out? or lust?

We are not mere homo sapiens
acting on chemical impulses
you and I are more than chemicals..