Sunday, June 6, 2010

More than Chemicals

You and I are more than chemicals...
We are thinking beings,
actions stimulated by testesterone
and harmoned by oxitocin

hormones to make love
hormones to make you want to cuddle
hormones to attract

But is that it?
hormones make us do what we do?
does it make us fall in love
and fall out? or lust?

We are not mere homo sapiens
acting on chemical impulses
you and I are more than chemicals..


  1. hehe!! i like this one.. isn't it so contradictary.. i love it.. i was thinking on these lines fa the past one week.. i mean ur concept and base of having come up to write this.....

  2. my status msg you mean on facebook?now you know

  3. hi, i read 'more than chemicals'. its good, i like it, i mean its nice, well written to express what is felt by almost evrybody around us. i m nt very good at poetry bt these lines reminded me of Agha Shahid Ali and TS Eliot's peotry.