Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have always loved the sea. It's only natural that i do, I have lived beside it for 20 years.

I also remember the time I was a liitle girl and scared by the huge waves, scared they would swallow me. I would run as far away as I could from them. As the years passed the sea was still mighty, but my perception of it changed.
I learned to love it for the very characteristics that scared me.
 There is a certain hidden calm in the waves thrashing on the rocks. They ebb, rising again to corrode the sand, to slowly continue its work on the rock creating moist life, shaping it. The waves rising washing away details.

Mother nature has given us another phenomenon the majestic mountains. I saw them only when I turned 23. When I looked at snow near my feet and then the snow on the peaks it brought shivers down my spine.
It was at an altitude I cannot even fathom, covered in snow, white as a sheet. The afternoon sun glistened on it, reflecting on the snow, shining in my eyes. But then it sparks warmth within me a cooler calmness.

Night descends quicker in the mountains, I realised. In a pitch dark atmosphere, only the sound of a stream below was heard. Otherwise, it was miles of quiet.

When the moon rises the sea is voluminous, consuming. Loud and high the waves beckon. There is chaos.

The sea with its friction breathes into me conflict. The mind and heart quarreling, then reaching stillness.

The majestic mountain, panic it brings. Pitch black silence and the sweet flowing stream sooth me.