Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sea and its secrets

The vast sea
and the immense secrets it holds

the waves consume
all what is fed

darkest thoughts
feeble sandcastles
names of sceret lovers
old memories written and photographed
words spoken, unspoken

The sand by the sea
a slate
every footprint
every toy
every name
every sandcastle

The sea a duster
with a swish of waves
takes them in

Relative Awkwardness

After a long day at work, I decided to take the bus home. It toook me 20 lazy minutes to get to my bus stop. Walking back home, simultaneously observing passers by.

Strangely this part of town, that I have recently moved into, has a host of ethnic groups inhabiting the place. So it is not a surprise to find coloured people around.

Today on the sidewalk a chinese couple, and what seemed like an African gay couple crossed each others path. Each couple looking at the other in "awk". "What are they wearing" must have been the general feeling.

To me each couple was eqaully wierd. One tiny,colourful,flowy and yellow. One loose,dreadlocky,junkie and brown.

To them either was odd and awkward. To me both of them were awkwardly dreesed. Relative awkwardness?