Friday, September 25, 2009

Cooking, Woman and the Husband

Why is a woman's character, judged by her ability to cook?
I have lost count of how many times,my grandmother,seemingly distant aunts, and some relative I would have heard of for the first time, won't refrain from asking me, what I can cook, how do I cook, how often do I cook and what recipe do I use. The rest of the questions follow only if the first question is answered in the affirmative.

And what happens if just to incite them, I say 'no I cant cook'. They look at me as if I just started an avalanche. This is almost always what anyone, by that I mean any woman after puberty, would get if she said she did'nt know how to cook.
"We know you are educated and modern, but a woman still cooks food for her husband. What will you do if your husband asks you for a chapati, and what if they aren't round...even if you stay alone you have to cook. Every woman should know cooking, if the cook doesn't come the house cant go hungry!", cannot tell you how many times I have heard that one.

Why am I groomed to keep a guy happy, someone I may not figure out before I have 2 kids with, in this puritanical world, someone I may not even meet before i get married...

Why should I learn to cook just to satisfy the mystery creature called the husband?

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