Sunday, August 13, 2017

When should we have met?

When the Suns rays hit the earth
Should the sparks have occurred then?
Is time or the idea of a perfect moment a reality?
Or merely a painted reverie
Had we met in a different time
Would you still have sauntered in nonchalance?
Or looked at me with intent almond eyes
And considered the glance we shared to smoothen out your scars
And our disentangled smiles to rewire our hearts?
Fondness would have eluded you, I believe
Only the weak harbour sentiments, youd have said
But my existence desires the contrary

Yet, here we are
Breathing, in the thoughtless pace of our divergent lives
Where time has become the foe
 If only unlocking our minds from meticulous routines
And aligning perceptions were undemanding
We could be perfect, like pieces of a puzzle
In the way you conjure the image of love
Our rendezvous and exchanges would last forever

Just as you fancy togetherness to be

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